2023 Cimaglia Rankings & Predictions

Contact cimaglia.cj.2021@wvwc.edu for any questions about these rankings.

Coaches/Athletes, if your course has changed in the last 4 years, please let Christian know so that this may be reflected in his calculations.

If you see yourself in a prediction and know you will not be running at that meet, an email would be appreciated (note e-mail Christian Cimaglia, not RunWV).

RunWV Note on the Cimaglia Rankings

Cimaglia Rankings - What Are They?

Cimaglia Rankings Update 9/8/23

2023 Cimaglia Prediction Analysis & Final Thoughts 12/4/23

Cimaglia Rankings - AAA Boys - 12/4 - Final
Cimaglia Rankings - AA Boys - 12/4 - Final
Cimaglia Rankings - A Boys - 12/4 - Final

Cimaglia Rankings - AAA Girls - 12/4 - Final
Cimaglia Rankings - AA Girls - 12/4 - Final
Cimaglia Rankings - A Girls - 12/4 - Final

State Meet - Class AAA Girls
State Meet - Class AAA Boys
State Meet - Class AA Girls
State Meet - Class AA Boys
State Meet - Class A Girls
State Meet - Class A Boys

Region I - Class AAA Girls
Region II - Class AAA Girls
Region III - Class AAA Girls
Region IV - Class AAA Girls

Region I - Class AA Girls
Region II - Class AA Girls
Region III - Class AA Girls
Region IV - Class AA Girls

Region I - Class A Girls
Region II - Class A Girls
Region III - Class A Girls
Region IV - Class A Girls

Region I - Class AAA Boys
Region II - Class AAA Boys
Region III - Class AAA Boys
Region IV - Class AAA Boys

Region I - Class AA Boys
Region II - Class AA Boys
Region III - Class AA Boys
Region IV - Class AA Boys

Region I - Class A Boys
Region II - Class A Boys
Region III - Class A Boys
Region IV - Class A Boys

Coalfield Conference Championships Predictions - Girls
Coalfield Conference Championships Predictions - Boys

LKC Championships Predictions - Girls
LKC Championships Predictions - Boys

EPAC Championships Predictions - Girls
EPAC Championships Predictions - Boys

Big 10 Championships Predictions - Girls
Big 10 Championships Predictions - Boys

PVC Championships Predictions - Girls
PVC Championships Predictions - Boys

OVAC Championships Predictions - Girls
OVAC Championships Predictions - Boys

MSAC Championships Predictions - Girls
MSAC Championships Predictions - Boys

Ritchie Invitational Predictions - Girls
Ritchie Invitational Predictions - Boys

Apple Valley Invitational Predictions - Girls
Apple Valley Invitational Predictions - Boys

Bearcat Invitational Predictions - Girls
Bearcat Invitational Predictions - Boys

Forest Festival Invitational Predictions - Girls
Forest Festival Invitational Predictions - Boys

Doddridge Invitational Predictions - Girls
Doddridge Invitational Predictions - Boys