2019 Major Meet Schedule

August 20
Fairland Dragons' Early Bird 2 Mile, Fairland OH (HS, MS, ES)

August 24
Autumn Classic, St. Marys (HS, MS, Open)
Chick-Fil-A Beckley Invitational, Beckley-Stratton Middle School (HS, MS)
Knight Night Relays, Preston (HS, MS)

August 27
Westside Invitational, Westside HS (HS, MS, ES)

August 31
St. Marys XC Festival, Cabell Midland (HS, MS)

September 3
Gallia Academy Skyline Bowling Invitational, Gallia Academy HS (HS, MS, ES)
Stormin' the Castle Invitational, Tyler Consolidated (HS, MS)

September 4
Taylor County Middle School Invitational, West Taylor Elementary (MS)

September 7
Buffalo Creek Invitational, Dundan Field - Clay (HS, MS, Open)
Chick-Fil-A Invitational, Mineral Wells (HS, MS, ES)
Fairland Dragons' Run by the River, Fairland OH (HS, MS, ES)
Forest Festival Invitational, Elkins (HS)
Golden Bear Classic, Beckley Stratton MS (HS, MS, College)

September 10
Mountaintop Combo, Preston (HS, MS)

September 11
Brooke Bryan Fritz Memorial Invitational, Brooke (HS, MS)

September 14
Belpre Invitational, Belpre OH (HS, MS, ES)
Charles Pointe Indian Run Invitational, Bridgeport (HS, MS, College)
Frankfort Invitational, Frankfort (HS, Youth)
Hurricane Middle School Invitational, Hurricane (MS)
Magnolia Mudhole Invitational, New Martinsville (HS, MS)
Paw Paw WV State Middle School Invitational, Rivesville (MS)
Ravenswood Middle School Invitational, Ravenswood (MS)
William & Mary Invitational, Williamsburg VA

September 17
Doddridge County Invitational, Doddridge County Park (HS, MS)

September 21
Bearcat Invitational, West Taylor Elementary (HS, MS)
Calhoun Invitational, Calhoun County Park (HS, MS)
Ripley Covered Bridge Invitational, Cedar Lakes - Ripley (HS, MS)
Wheeling Park Fall Classic, Wheeling Park

September 24
Buccaneer Invitational, Buckhannon-Upshur (HS)
Hundred Salamander Switch Back, Hundred (HS, MS)
Progressive Physical Therapy Invitational, Cumberland MD
TAG You're It MS Invitational, Trinity Assembly of God - Fairmont (MS)
Taylor Relays, St. Marys (HS, MS)

September 25
Patriot Middle School Invitational, Coonskin Park (MS)

September 26
Patriot Invitational, Coonskin Park (HS)

September 28
Elkins Middle School Invitational, Davis & Elkins College - Elkins (MS)
John Marshall Invitational, Sherrad MS - Moundsville
Ritchie County Invitational, Cokeley Recreation Area - North Bend State Park (HS, MS)
Shady Spring Invitational, Little Beaver State Park (HS, MS)

October 1
Down in the Backwoods Invitational, Barbour County Fairgrounds (MS)
Princeton Invitational, Glenwood Park - Princeton (HS, MS)

October 3
LKC Middle School Championships, Tyler Consolidated (MS)

October 5
Fairmont Times Invitational, Apple Valley Golf Course - Fairmont
Great American XC Festival, Cary NC
Wirt County Wetlands Invitational, Wirt (HS, MS)

October 8
Buckhannon-Upshur Middle School Invitational, Buckhannon (MS)

October 9
Coalfield Conference Championships, Twin Falls State Park (HS, MS)

October 10
Flying Eagle Invitational, Woodrow Wilson

October 15
Doddridge County Middle School Invitational, Doddridge County Park (MS)

October 17
Big 10 Championships, Preston (HS)
Kanawha County Middle School Championships, Coonskin Park (MS)

October 24
Region I - Class AAA, University (HS)

November 2
State Meet, Cabell Midland (HS)