2022 Major Meet Schedule

August 20
Autumn Classic, St. Marys (HS, MS, Open)
Wheeling Park Fall Classic, Wheeling Park (HS, MS)

August 27
Bridgeport Invitational, The Bridge Sports Complex - Bridgeport (HS, MS)
Chick-Fil-A Beckley Invitational, Beckley-Stratton MS - Beckley (HS, MS)
Dutch Miller Invitational, Huntington

September 1
Mountain Hollar Middle School Invitational, University HS - Morgantown (MS)

September 3
Stormin' the Castle Invitational, Tyler Consolidated (HS, MS)

September 7
Taylor County Middle School Knights Invitational, West Taylor Elementary - Grafton (MS)

September 10
Buffalo Creek Invitational, Dundon Field - Clay (HS, MS)
Chick-Fil-A Invitational, Mineral Wells (HS, MS)
Forest Festival Invitational, Davis & Elkins College Athletic Fields (HS)
Frankfort Invitational, Frankfort (HS, Youth)

September 13
Big Ditch Lake Invitational, Big Ditch Lake - Cowan (HS, MS)
Doddridge Invitational, Doddridge County Park (HS, MS)

September 17
Belpre Invitational, Civitan Park - Belpre OH (HS, MS, ES)
Berkeley Springs Invitational, Cacapon State Park - Berkeley Springs (HS, MS)
Elkins Middle School Invitational, Davis & Elkins College (MS)
Magnolia Mudhole Invitational, New Martinsville (HS, MS)
No Excuses Braxton Invitational, Holly Gray Park - Flatwoods (HS, MS)
PikeView Invitational, PikeView (HS, MS)

September 20
SHHS Hawks Invitational, South Harrison (HS)

September 24
Bearcat Invitational, West Taylor Elementary - Grafton (HS, MS)
Calhoun Invitational, Calhoun County Park (HS, MS)
Shady Spring Invitational, Little Beaver State Park (HS, MS)

October 1
Paul Clovis Invitational, Hampshire (HS)
Polar Bear Invitational, Apple Valley Golf Course - Fairmont (HS, MS)
Ritchie Invitational, Cokeley Campground - North Bend State Park (HS, MS)
Westside Invitational, Westside

October 4
Down in the Backwoods Middle School Invitational, Belington (MS)
Princeton Invitational, Glenwood Park - Princeton

October 6
Elk River Trail Invitational, Dundon Field - Clay (HS, MS)

October 8
Wirt County Wetlands Invitational, Elizabeth (HS, MS)

October 11
Doddridge County Middle School Invitational, Doddridge County Park (MS)
Mid-Mountain 10 Conference Middle School Championships, Davis & Elkins (MS)

October 12
Coalfield Conference Championships, Twin Falls State Park (HS, MS)

October 13
Kanawha County Championships, Meadowood Park - Tornado (HS)

October 15
Washington Irving Middle School Last Call Invitational, Robert C. Byrd (MS)