LAST UPDATED 4/25/19 - To the best of our knowledge these are the state bests all time marks and represent all information that has been turned in to us. We have attempted to verify each mark as much as possible.

West Virginia State Bests

State Bests are eligble to any West Virginia High School athlete and can be set at any meet. State meet records can only be set at the state meet.

In order to not penalize runners running under either hand timing or automated timing, hand times will be recognized if they have the best time after conversions for distance (in case of yardage events) and adding .24 seconds. The best automated time will be co-recognized if within .3 seconds of the converted hand mark.

* Indicates that the record needs to be verified

Event/Class Name		School			Year	Mark		Notes	Where, When

100 Meters
Men	James Jett		Jefferson		1989	10.34*		HT	Buckhannon, Regular Meet
Men	Sebastian Spencer	Weir			2019	10.50			Dick Dei Track Classic, Wheeling Park
Women	McKenna Smith		Bridgeport		2017	11.85  			Laidley Field, State Meet
The James Jett 10.1 (10.34 converted) hand timed mark is much disputed but was listed as the official time at the meet.  

200 Meters
Men	Dante Price		Jefferson		2013	21.10			USATF Junior Olympics, Greensboro, NC
Women	McKenna Smith		Bridgeport		2017	24.36			Laidley Field, State Meet Trials

400 Meters	
Men	Bob Rieves		Wheeling		1969	47.64		C, HT	Old Laidley Field, State Meet
Men	James Jett		Jefferson		1989	47.74			Laidley Field, State Meet
Women	McKenna Smith		Bridgeport		2017	54.61			Laidley Field, State Meet

800 Meters	
Men	Wilson Smith		Huntington		1968	1:49.66		C, HT	Golden West Invitational, California
Women	Tori Starcher		Ripley			2018	2:07.42			New Balance Nationals, Greensboro NC

1600 Meters	
Men	Jacob Burcham		Cabell Midland		2012	4:01.32		C	Adidas Dream Mile
Men	Jacob Burcham		Cabell Midland		2011	4:03.20		C	Lille, France, IAAF World Youth Championships
The first mark is a converted True Mile.  The second mark is a converted 1500.
Women	Tori Starcher		Ripley			2019	4:36.58         C	Penn Relays, Philadelphia, PA
	(This is a converted 4:38.19 true mile)

3200 Meters	
Men	Jeff Adkins		Woodrow Wilson		1979	 8:49.34	HT	Bellaire, OH, Bellaire Relays
Women	Amelia Paladino		University		2014	10:00.42		Laidley Field, Gazette Relays
Note: Although West Virginia did not covert to the metric system until 1980, the venue at Bellaire, OH coverted in 1979.

110/100 Meter Hurdles
Men	Clint Hayes		Huntington		1990	14.10			Laidley Field, State Meet
Women	Safiyyah Mitchell	Huntington		2016	14.09			Winfield, Region IV Championship

300 Meter Hurdles
Men	Clint Hayes		Huntington		1990	37.64		HT	Laidley Field, State Meet
Men	Clint Hayes		Huntington		1989	37.70			Laidley Field, State Meet
Women	McKenna Smith		Bridgeport		2017	43.04			Laidley Field, State Meet

4x100 Meter Relay
Men				Jefferson		2012	42.20			Laidley Field, State Meet
	Ashton Lai-Fang, Tyler Lambert, Rynal Newman, Dante Price
Women				Morgantown		2012	48.42			Laidley Field, State Meet
	Ashley Holloway, Haley Holloway, Natasha Trott, Knisha Baldwin

4x200 Meter Relay
Men				Woodrow Wilson		1987	1:27.16			Laidley Field, Gazette Relays
	Kenneth Steelman, Tommy Moore, Tony Lawson, Andre Gray	
Women				Jefferson		1980	1:43.54		HT	Laidley Field, State Meet
	V Nelson, J Washington, Tanda Lee, V Nelson		
				Martinsburg		1984	1:43.69			Laidley Field, State Meet	
	M Jones, Kelly Hosby, S Terry, T Thomas	

4x400 Meter Relay
Men				St. Albans		1972	3:22.98		C, HT	Old Laidley Field, State Meet
	B Moss, L Fulmer, F Lynch, F Reich
				Jefferson		2011	3:23.00			Laidley Field, State Meet
	Ashton Hyler, Dante Price, Brandon Doughty, Denzel Washington
Women				Bridgeport		2017	3:59.03			Laidley Field, Gazette Relays
	Kristen Crowder, Isabella Bowen, Kirstin George, McKenna Smith
*Wheeling Park ran a 3:22.90 hand timed 4x400 in 1980, but the additional .24 added for hand time puts them a few ticks behind the 1972 St. Albans squad.

4x800 Meter Relay
Men				Cabell Midland		2012	7:46.29			New Balance Outdoor Nationals
	Jacob Burcham, Brian Lawhon, David Jobe, Mason Dino
Women				Winfield		2016	9:30.56			Laidley Field, State Meet
	Isabella Robinson, Grace Cole, Rachel Englund, Mary Zulauf

Shuttle Hurdle Relay
Men				Charleston		1971	54.89		C	Old Laidley Field, State Meet 
	M Willis, T Tyler, M Henry, S Jackson	
Men				Woodrow Wilson		1981	55.81			Laidley Field, State Meet
	Vernon Knight, William Cousins, Steve Kidd, Mike Brown
Women				Hurricane		2015	1:00.88			Laidley Field, State Meet
	Lauren London, Abby Watson, Lexi Crompton, Audrey Barber
The Charleston mark from 1971 assumes that the hurdles were 4x120 yards.  The Woodrow Wilson mark from 1981 would be tops if the shuttles were 4x110 yards.

Pole Vault
Men	Tristan Slater		Capital			2016	17'1			Marshall University, Marshall Indoor HS Open
Women	Lauren Zaglifa		Washington		2017	12'4 			Spring Mills HS, Region II Championships

High Jump   
Men	Nathan Fields		Elkins			1998	7'3			Laidley Field, State Meet
Women	Emily Godwin		Buckhannon-Uphsur	2011	5'10			Lewis County, Regular Meet
	Emily Godwin		Buckhannon-Upshur	2012	5'10			Lewis County, Big 10 Championships
	Rhonda Rogombe		Washington		2015	5'10			Strasburg VA, Ram Country Invitational

Long Jump   
Men	Mike Tyson		Charleston		1973	24'0 1/2		Old Laidley Field, Gazette Relays
Women	Gina Marshall		Glenville		198?	20'2			Glenville, ?

The Marshall jump was attested to as an accurate mark by a Track official that 
is currently registered with the state of West Virginia.  We are attempting to 
verify a year and meet.

Men	John Hicks		Hampshire		2019	190'1			Spring Mills, Cardinal Classic
Women	Erin Compton		Oak Hill		1999	153'4 			Laidley Field, Regionals

Shot Put
Men	Randy Barnes		St. Albans		1985	66'9 1/2		Laidley Field, Gazette Relays
Women	Crystal Hypes		Winfield		1992	45'3 			Laidley Field, Regionals