Top 100 Lists

Last updated 7/30/23

These are lists of the Top 100 All-Time Performances for each event. Old marks were converted (100 Yard to 100 Meter, etc.), and hand times were converted to their FAT equivalent. This is not State Meet Only performances. I'm sure there are missing performances, and I'm sure there are some meets that were hand-timed that I have marked as FAT, and I'm sure there are meets that are FAT that I've marked as Hand-Timed. This is the best I could do with what I have. Obviously, from the pre-RunWV era, I only have State Meet results, meaning a lot of personal bests are probably missing. If you think something is missing or incorrect, let me know. Be specific and be prepared to provide evidence.

Event List

100 Meters - Girls

200 Meters - Girls

400 Meters - Girls

800 Meters - Girls

1600 Meters - Girls

3200 Meters - Girls

100 Meter High Hurdles - Girls

300 Meter Low Hurdles - Girls

High Jump - Girls

Pole Vault - Girls

Long Jump - Girls

Shot Put - Girls

Discus - Girls

4x100 Meter Relay - Girls

4x200 Meter Relay - Girls

4x400 Meter Relay - Girls

4x800 Meter Relay - Girls

Shuttle Hurdle Relay - Girls

100 Meters - Boys

200 Meters - Boys

400 Meters - Boys

800 Meters - Boys

1600 Meters - Boys

3200 Meters - Boys

110 Meter High Hurdles - Boys

300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles - Boys

High Jump - Boys

Pole Vault - Boys

Long Jump - Boys

Shot Put - Boys

Discus - Boys

4x100 Meter Relay - Boys

4x200 Meter Relay - Boys

4x400 Meter Relay - Boys

4x800 Meter Relay - Boys

Shuttle Hurdle Relay - Boys