Coaches, please set your Hy-Tek Team Manager up so that it meets the guidelines set forth by the WVSSAC.

Team Code: This should be the 4 digit code assigned to your school by the WVSSAC.

Team Name: This is the full school name. For example, Doddridge County High School or Huntington High School.

Short Name: This should be a shortened version of your school name. For example, Doddridge County or Huntington.

Alt Abbr: This should be the mascot or school abbreviation. For example, DCHS or HUNT or Bulldogs.

Athlete Grade Levels: Please use numerical designations: 9, 10, 11 and 12 rather than FR, SO, JR SR. Also, please make sure you have updated your grade levels from last year.

These are the requirements by the WVSSAC per the 2021-2022 Coaches' Packet, and they really do make things look better. When you use something like HHS for the Short Name, the results print HHS, which could be Huntington, Hurricane, Hampshire, or Hannan. If you use something like Patriots, the results print Patriots, which could be Wheeling Park, Parkersburg South, George Washington or Washington at the least.