St. Marys High School Invitational

Friday, April 8, 2022    Start time: 4:00 Field, 4:30 Running (2 Session)


Entry Fee:                               $75.00 for boys and $75.00 girls teams of each school.

                                                Entry fees should be mailed prior to the meet to the school:

                                                            St. Marys High School

                                                            2330 N. Pleasants Hwy.

                                                            St. Marys, WV 26170

                                                            c/o Steven Nutter

Entries:                                  Each team may enter 3 individuals per event and 1 relay team. 

Coaches are to use the Hy-Tek method of e-mailing their entrees.  The meet event file can be obtained from runwv.  The entry deadline will be Tuesday, April 5th.

Awards:                                 Team trophies for the 1st  and 2nd  place teams. Ribbons given to places 1-6.

Scratches:                             Please, e-mail your scratches by 11:00 AM on the day of the meet to    Final scratches can be made by 3:30 at the meet.

∑         The maximum spike length allowed is 3/16" (Will be checked). Spikes are not permitted in the bleachers or on the football field. PLEASE MAKE ATHLETES AWARE OF THIS!

∑         Tape is not permitted on the track. Markers may be used for jumping events and relays. Only Water inside the field area (No Sugary Drinks).  PLEASE MAKE ATHLETES AWARE OF THIS!

∑         Use your own shot/discus and batons. Standard blocks will be provided (welcome to bring own).

∑         The pole vault weight verification form is to be turned in to the pole vault judge before warming up for the event.

∑         Team tents may be set up in the bleachers opposite the finishing line on the visitorís side of the field.

. ††† †††††Tickets will be sold at the gate as you walk into the Stadium

∑         There will be a hospitality room provided for all coaches in the school commons area.