Mountaineer Track & Field Showcase

Hosted by: Friends of Track & Field, WVU, and Morgantown HS

The Mountaineer Showcase is a combined College and High School event that displays the top Track & Field talent in West Virginia and the surrounding area. All High School and Youth 1600m entries will be via College and open entries must be submitted on Direct Athletics. College Entries, please get in touch with WVU Coach Sean Cleary at

The meet is held at the new Track & Field Facility at Mylan Park, featuring an eight-lane prefabricated, synthetic Mondo Track surface. Mondo is considered a world leader in track and field surfacing and is the surface of choice for the Olympic Games. The facility also features a grass infield for field events, multiple shot put rings and long jump runways, a warm-up area, public restrooms, a press box, and a state-of-the-art electronic scoreboard and timing system. Throwing events (shot put, discus, javelin, hammer, and weight throw) are held on the track's infield with nets that encase the entire throwing area to protect all competitors and spectators.

Dates: Friday, April 22 & Saturday, April 23, 2022

Location: The Track Complex at Mylan Park, Morgantown, WV. Mylan Park Track is located about 2 miles off the 155 exit of I-79. Address - 500 Mylan Park Ln., Morgantown WV 26501


Cost: High School - $75 per team - $150 for both boys and girls teams, $10 for Individual entries 

Make Checks Payable to Mylan Park Foundation, Memo: Friends of Track and Field

Mail Checks to Mylan Park Foundation,500 Mylan Park Lane, Morgantown, WV 26501


Entries: All High School and Youth 1600m entries must be done via

The 3200m on Friday night and the 800m on Saturday will be highlighted High School events with unlimited entries. Smaller and more selective "Hot Heats" will be established for those events. All other events teams are allowed three (3) entries per individual event and one team per relay.

NFHS Sanctioning: The HS portion of the meet will be sanctioned through the NFHS for WV and all surrounding states. Coaches from other states interested in attending, please contact Mike Ryan at


Live Results:


Admission: $6.00 Admission for all spectators.

Concessions: Hot and Cold Concessions will be sold. Commemorative T-shirts will be sold.

Spike Specifications: Spike length is not to exceed 1/4 inch or 7mm, Spikes must be Compression Pyramid and Christmas Tree style, NO needles or pointy Pyramid style spikes will be allowed. (Omni-Lites 7 mm Christmas Tree Spikes that meet the Mondo and IAAF requirements will be sold on at the meet). Please purchase spikes before coming to the meet.

Tent City (Team area): Teams can set up tents in the grass area on the outside of the track. No team tents in the bleachers. Bleachers are available for spectators. 

Contact: Mike Mosser (304) 685-9126 - (Meet Founder and Organizer)

Mike Ryan - (304) 685-7071, (High School Meet Director)

Sean Cleary - (College Meet Director)


Order of Events Mountaineer Showcase 2022

Specific times may change slightly after events are seeded.

FRIDAY - Track Events
5:00 pm Coaches Meeting

5:30 pm 100 Hurdle Trials (100 HS Girls)

5:40 pm 100 Hurdle Trials (100 College Women)

5:50 pm 110 Hurdle Trials (110 HS Boys)

6:00 pm 110 Hurdle Trials (110 College Men)

6:10 pm 100 Trials (HS Girls)

6:25 pm 100 Trials (College Women)

6:30 pm 100 Trials (HS Boys)

6:40 pm 100 Trials (College Men)
6:50 pm 4 x 800 (HS Girls)
7:05 pm 4 x 800 (HS Boys)

7:20 pm 1500 m (College Women)
7:27 pm 1500 m (College Men)

7:35 pm 100 Hurdle Final (100 HS Girls – 1 Heat)

7:38 pm 100 Hurdle Final (100 College Women – 1 Heat)

7:41 pm 110 Hurdle Final (110 HS Boys – 1 Heat)

7:44 pm 110 Hurdle Final (110 College Men – 1 Heat)

7:47 pm 100 Final (HS Girls – 1 Heat)

7:50 pm 100 Final (College Women – 1 Heat)

7:53 pm 100 Final (HS Boys – 1 Heat)

7:55 pm 100 Final (College Men – 1 Heat)
8:00 pm 3000 Steeple (College Women – 1 Heat)

8:15 pm 3000 Steeple (College Men – 1 Heat)

8:30 pm 800 m College (Fast Heat)
8:40 pm 3200m (HS Girls)

8:55 pm 3200m (HS Boys)
9:10 pm 3000m (College Women)


FRIDAY - Field Events
12:30 pm Hammer (College Women followed by College Men)

5:00 pm Pole Vault (HS Girls, HS Boys)
6:00 pm Long Jump (College Women, College Men)
5:00 pm Discus (HS Girls, HS Boys, College Women, College Men)
6:00 pm High Jump (HS Girls, HS Boys)

SATURDAY - Track Events

9:30 am Coaches meeting
10:00 am 400 Finals (HS Girls)

10:12 am 400 Finals (College Women)

10:20 am 400 Finals (HS Boys)

10:30 am 400 Finals (College Men)
10:40 am 1600m (HS Girls)

10:50 am 1600m (HS Boys)

11:00 am 1600m (Open)
11:10 am 4 x 100 (HS Girls)

11:14 am 4 x 100 (College Women)

11:18 am 4 x 100 (HS Boys)

11:22 am 4 x 100 (College Men)
11:26 am 300 Hurdles (HS Girls)

11:36 am 300 Hurdles (HS Boys)
11:45 am 400 Hurdles (College Women)
11:50 am 400 Hurdles (College Men)

Break – Youth Mile

                Noon 1st-5th grades Girls

                12:15 1st-5th grades Boys
                12:30 6th - 8th grades Girls

                12:40 6th - 8th grades Boys

1:00 pm 5000m (College Women)

1:15 pm 5000m (College Women)
1:30 pm   800 (HS Girls)

1:40 pm   800 (College Women)
1:45 pm   800 (HS Boys)
1:55 pm   800 (College Men)
2:05 pm   200 Finals (HS Girls)

2:15 pm   200 Finals (College Women)

2:25 pm   200 Finals (HS Boys)

2:38 pm   200 Finals (College Men)
2:50 pm   Shuttle Hurdles (HS Girls)
3:00 pm   Shuttle Hurdles (HS Boys)

3:10 pm   4 x 400 (HS Girls)

3:18 pm   4 x 400 (College Women)

3:25 pm   4 x 400 (HS Boys)

3:35 pm   4 x 400 (College Men)

Saturday - Field Events
9:00 am Javelin (College Women, College Men)
10:00 am Long Jump (HS Girls, HS Boys)

10:00 High Jump (College Women, College Men)
11:00 am Shot Put (HS Girls, College Women, HS Boys, College Men)
Noon Pole Vault (College Men followed by College Women)

1:00 pm Triple Jump (College Women, College Men)