Region III – Class AA Championship

Woodrow Wilson High School

Wednesday May 11, 2022.

Team List:  Bluefield, Herbert Hoover, Independence, Liberty Raleigh, Nicholas County, PikeView, Shady Spring, Westside, Wyoming East

Times:           3:30 pm:  Coaches’ Meeting at the common finish line (All scratches and substitutions must be completed by this time. Coaches can scratch and replace athletes at the regional meet but cannot just add an athlete to an event.)


                        4:00 pm:  Field events begin (Girls High Jump & Shot Put; Boys Discus & Long Jump)


                        5:00 pm:  Running events begin (Using the WVSSAC format for a Two-Session Meet as listed in the February Interscholastic, which can be found on the WVSSAC website under the sport of “Track & Field”) There will be a 30-minute break between the 1st and 2nd sessions.


Entries:        Your entries should be emailed to by Sunday, May 8, at 6:00pm.


The method of entries is by email utilizing the Hy-Tek Team Manager program or Team Manager Lite. You can download Team Manager Lite at for free.


You will then need the event file, which you can get from the RunWV web site: You will import the meet events into your Team Manager or Team Manager Lite Program and enter your athletes’ times & distances  (please use accurate times/distances for all events). You will then export your entry file and send it to


Be sure that ALL athletes are on your eligibility and synced to the roster before submitting entries; if an athlete is not on the current WVSSAC roster he/she will not be allowed to run.

Please use the WVSSAC identifiers for your team.  For Example: school name: Bluefield HS – team abbr: 0007 – short team name: Bluefield – Alt. Abbr: BHS.  (The school code is what is assigned to you by the WVSSAC.)


Early Scratches (Day of the meet): You can email your scratches/replacements to by 10:00am.  You can still make scratches/replacements at the meet until 1:00pm.


Admission: Adults - $7 & Students - $5


Awards:  Medals to all event winners, including relays.  Team plaque to the Regional Champion.


Entry Fee:  There is no entry fee for a regional meet. However, the only awards that are supplied by the WVSSAC are the two championship plaques.  WWHS ordered medals for the winners in each event, including the relays.  We are asking that each school please send $60 per school ($30 for boys & $30 for girls) to cover the cost of these awards.


Other notes:

1)    Coaches will be given a packet at the timing tent when they arrive. This packet will include meet information, including a performance list.

2)    Shot puts and discuses must be weighed and verified before the event.

3)    Spikes can only be ¼ inch pyramid or shorter. Runners in spikes must stay off of the marked area of the football field.

4)    Team tents may be placed in the home or visitors side bleachers.

5)    In the sprints and hurdles 8 Athletes will qualify for the finals using a combination of place and time.

6)    In the throws and long jump, the top 8, plus any ties for 8th, will qualify for the finals.

7)    Awards will be available near the timing tent, after the final results for each event is announced.  Coaches are asked to pick up a meet printout at the timing tent at the conclusion of the meet.

8)    The pole vault will be held on Thursday; May 12 at Laidley Field during the Region III Class AAA meet.  Time to be announced.







Qualifying for the State Meet:

                        In all running events, the throws, and the long jump, the top 3 finishers from our region will automatically qualify for the state meet.  Also qualifying will be the 4 athletes from all Regions combined that had the best performances in each event that did not automatically qualify in those events.


                       In the high jump and pole vault the top 4 finishers will automatically qualify along with anyone that meets a pre-determined standard that will be announced by the state games committee.


There is a 3rd way that a relay team or individual might qualify.  If there are not 16 qualifiers in a particular event, the WVSSAC will go through the regional results to fill up the 16 slots. This happens when a regional or more than one regional has few or no entrants in a given event.  



General Meet Info:  George Barbera (Head Coach WWHS Girls): 304-228-1303


School Issues:  Tim Carrico (WWHS Athletic Director):  304-228-9501.


Entries:  Betsy Hegele (Asst. Coach SSHS & Computer Operator):















































2022 Regional Time Schedule – Order of Events


4:00 PM       Girls - Shot Put, High Jump

         Boys - Discus, Long Jump


5:00 PM       100 Meter High Hurdle Trials - Girls

         110 Meter High Hurdle Trials - Boys

5:15 PM       100 Meter Dash Trials - Girls

         100 Meter Dash Trials - Boys

5:45 PM       3200 Meter Run - Girls

6:00 PM       200 Meter Dash Trials - Girls

         200 Meter Dash Trials - Boys

6:15 PM       3200 Meter Run - Boys

6:30 PM       400 Meter Run - Girls

         400 Meter Run - Boys

6:30 PM       Girls - Discus, Long Jump

         Boys – Shot Put, High Jump



7:05 PM   4x800 Meter Relay - Girls

          4x800 Meter Relay - BOYS

7:35 PM       100 Meter High Hurdle Finals - Girls

         110 Meter High Hurdle Finals - Boys

7:50 PM       100 Meter Dash Finals - Girls

         100 Meter Dash Finals - Boys

8:05 PM       4x200 Meter Relay - Girls

         4x200 Meter Relay - Boys

8:20 PM       1600 Meter Run - Girls

         1600 Meter Run - Boys

8:45 PM       300 Meter Low Hurdles - Girls

         300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles - Boys

9:00 PM       4x100 Meter Relay - Girls

         4x100 Meter Relay - Boys

9:20 PM       800 Meter Run - Girls

         800 Meter Run - Boys

9:40 PM       200 Meter Dash Finals - Girls

         200 Meter Dash Finals - Boys

9:55 PM       Shuttle Hurdle Relay - Girls

         Shuttle Hurdle Relay - Boys

10:10 PM  4x400 Meter Relay – Girls

         4x400 Meter Relay - Boys