The Boys All Time Top Athlete and Decade High Point lists have been updated.  RunWV last updated the Boys All Time Athlete and Decade lists over 15 years ago and a lot has changed during that time.  New all-time marks are set almost every year, the sport broke into three classes and we also located many missing records from earlier years and all this has equaled a lot of changes to the lists.  In order to even the playing field for all the AA and A athletes, RunWV went back and rescored all the boys meets from 1960-2002, including determining who the high point athlete would have been for each class.  While not perfect, it does get us closer to a more fair comparison for the athletes that competed prior to 2002.   As always, we endeavor to make this as much of a mathematical exercise as possible and just let the data speak for itself, please acquaint yourself with the scoring methods listed if you have any questions about how we went about this process. 


Here are several points of interest related to the boys lists:

·         On the boys lists, only James Jett, Randy Barnes, Clint Hayes, Mike Tyson, Steve Taylor, Tony Belt, Mikey Cox and Jon Huffman  remained in the top ten 15 years later

·         COVID interrupted us all and the elite athletes were no different.  6 athletes still managed to make the list despite missing a year due to the cancellation of the state meet

·         5 runners who have made the lists were active this past season – Josh Edwards, Matthew Scheneberg and Gus Morrison (who wrapped up their careers) as well as Jerrae Hawkins and Brayden Marshall, who both have two seasons remaining. 

·         Only 9 guys have scored 100 or more points in their state meet career:                 

o   Pete Barnum                         153

o   Freddy Canary                      126

o   Brandon Franklin                  118

o   Jacob Burcham                     113

o   Bob Wright                            110

o   Paul Reed                              108.25

o   Dante Price                            102

o   Cam Viney                             101.5

o   Aaron Withrow                     100.5

·         Only 4 Guys have had “perfect” 40 scores at the state meet by winning four individual events in a year (or would have had the classes been divided like they are today).  Amazingly, two of them did it twice

o   1938-1939 – Bob Wright

o   2010 – Kyle Davies

o   2011-2012 - Brandon Franklin

o   2017 Freddy Canary

o   Note: Pete Barnum of Parkersburg scored over 40 points twice (47 in 1921 and 42 in 1922) and Dornick of Huntington scored 43 in 1916. During those years, athletes were allowed to compete in more than 4 events and they did not win every event entered like the others on this list, but found it worth nothing.

·         9 guys dominated their decade to the tune of 40+ points on the inclusive lists

o   Freddy Canary                      72

o   Jacob Burcham                     67.5

o   Bob Wright                            63

o   James Jett                              46

o   Josh Watson                         43.5          

o   Dante Price                            42.75        

o   Mikey Cox                              42

o   Aaron Withrow                    41.75

o   Cam Viney                             41

·         7 guys have won 8 or more individual events in their career

o   11 – Bob Wright

o   10 – Freddy Candary

o   10 – Pete Barnum

o   9 – Brandon Franklin

o   8 – Aaron Withrow

o   8 – Cam Viney

o   8 – Jacob Burcham