The Girls All Time Top Athlete and Decade High Point lists have been updated.  RunWV last updated the Girls All Time Athlete and Decade lists 15 years ago and a lot has changed during that time.  New all-time marks are set almost every year, the sport broke into three classes and we also located many missing records from earlier years and all this has equaled a lot of changes to the lists.  In order to even the playing field for all the AA and A athletes, RunWV went back and rescored all the girls meets from 1975-2002, including determining who the high point athlete would have been for each class.  While not perfect, it does get us closer to a more fair comparison for the athletes that competed prior to 2002.   As always, we endeavor to make this as much of a mathematical exercise as possible and just let the data speak for itself, please acquaint yourself with the scoring methods listed if you have any questions about how we went about this process.  In the end for two classes, we had a clear winner using our scoring methods and final class came down to a two girl race for the top spot (and what a race it would have been since they both participated in the same events, just a decade apart.)


Note: The Boys All Time Athlete and Decade High Point will take several more months to compile and should be ready sometime this coming summer. 


Here are several points of interest related to the girls lists:

·         On the girls lists, only Rosalyn Cary, Jennifer Hansen, Crystal Hypes, Jennifer Nettles, Rachel Buser, Jessica Taylor, Jasmine Cotton and Andrea Perry remained in the top ten 15 years later

·         COVID interrupted us all and the elite athletes were no different.  14 athletes still managed to make the list despite missing a year due to the cancellation of the state meet

·         Four runners who have made the lists are still active this coming year – Irene Riggs, Lea Hatcher, Allie Germann and Olivia Cress

·         15 Ladies have scored 100 or more points in their state meet career

o   Chelsea Carrier                  148

o   Emily Godwin                    138.5

o   Maggie Drazba                  124.5

o   Megan Mock                      123

o   Jasmine Cotton                 122

o   Jessica Taylor                     230

o   Bria Welker                        118 (3 years)

o   D’Andra Swiger                 115.5

o   Holly Hunter                      114

o   Sherri Flohr                         110.5

o   McKenna Smith                108.5 (3 years)

o   Sarah Ferguson                 107

o   Hannah Carreon               104

o   Jasmyn Hosby                    103.5

o   Katie Jan                              100

·         13 Ladies have had “perfect” 40 scores at the state meet by winning four individual events in a year (or would have had the classes been divided like they are today).  It has happened 6 times in Class AAA, 6 times in Class AA and 5 times in Class A with three ladies accomplishing the feat twice.

o   1984 Darla Patterson (unofficial since Class AA and A were combined)

o   1989 Jill Balis

o   2000 Andrea Perry

o   2001 Rosalyn Cary

o   2006+2007 Chelsea Carrier

o   2012+2013 Emily Godwin

o   2012+2013 Bria Welker

o   2016 Hannah Carreon

o   2016+2017 McKenna Smith

o   2018 Joanna Ferrell

o   2019 Mikah Alleyne

o   2021 Allie Germann

o   2021 Olivia Cress

·         14 Ladies dominated their decade to the tune of 40+ points on the inclusive lists – Jessica Taylor did it for two decades.

o   McKenna Smith                73.5

o   Holly Hunter                      66          

o   Tori Starcher                      61.5

o   Maggie Drazba                  59.5

o   Megan Mock                      57.5

o   Jessica Taylor-1990s        54          

o   Jasmine Cotton                 52

o   Jessica Taylor-2000s        50

o   Jody Caldwell                     44.33

o   Susie Comer                       42

o   Crystal Hypes                     42

o   Chelsea Carrier                  42

o   Darla Patterson                41.5

o   Rosalyn Cary                      41.5

o   Rachel Buser                      41.5       

·         7 Ladies have won 10 or more individual events in their career

o   12 - Jessica Taylor (One of only two athletes that were “perfect” for their career, winning all 12 events she entered – The other was Tori Starcher who won nine individual events but just missed this list due to COVID year)

o   12 – Emily Godwin

o   11 – Chelsea Carrier (the only athlete to win high point trophy all four years of her career)

o   11 – Bria Welker

o   11 – Maggie Drazba

o   10 – Holly Hunter

o   10 – Megan Mock