Hy-Tek How To

Since we're less than a week into the season, and I've already received two Faxes of Hy-Tek printouts, I thought I'd better put a bit of "How To" information out there.

To Submit Results from Meets in which Hy-Tek was used:
1. Open the Meet in Hy-Tek
2. Click File
3. Click Backup
This will bring up a Pop-Up box that basically asks where you want the backup to be placed.
4. Select the location for the backup. Just make sure you put it somewhere where you know how to find it.
It will bring up a Pop-Up box that asks you if you want to include a message with the backup.
5. Click No
6. E-Mail that file to me as an Attachment.
The name of the File will be TfmmbkupMEETNAME-01.zip where MEETNAME is what you named your meet in the Hy-Tek System. The 01 might be a different number as well if you've done multiple backups into the same location.

Submitting Results this way has a lot of advantages over Faxing.
1. No long distance call to the fax machine.
2. Your faxes are posted as received, with cover pages, hand-written notes, smudges, smears, and your fax number on them. Pages might be upside down, out of order, or any combination of that.
3. The size of the file will be a lot smaller (faxed meet results often over 200K, Hy-Tek Backups might be only 40K), which results in much faster loading, especially for those of us with Dial-Up Connections.