Where:  Poca High School 


When:  April 22th, 2022 (Friday) 


Time:  Scratch Meeting at 4:15am, Field Events at 4:30pm, Running Events at 5:00pm 


Scoring: 10-8-6-4-2-1 


Two Session Meet 


Entries:  3 Per Event, 1 Relay Team. (Check with Coach Gwinn about entering B Teams/Extras) 


Entry Fee: $50.00 per team or $85.00 for boy/girl team.  The fee for a B team is $15.00.  


Awards:   1st Place team plaque boys/girls 

                2nd Place team plaque boys/girls 

                High Point trophy boys/girls

Ribbons 1st through 6th place 


-All ribbons will be placed in packets that can be picked up at the finish line at the conclusion of the meet. 

-A concession stand will be open for participants and spectators.

-Coaches please be willing to help with the meet. 


Order of Events is a High School Two Session Meet. 


CHECKS: Mail your checks to:              Poca High School 

                                                           Attn: Michelle Luikart - School Accountant 

                                                           1 Dot Way, 

                                                           Poca, WV, 25159 


                         Please make checks payable to "Poca Track". 

                         Last resort just hand me the check before the meet starts.  


HYTEK: Entries will be done in HyTek format. Entries will be due by Wednesday 4/20/22. Coaches will be emailed who they need to send their Entries to as the meet draws closer.

If you are interested in attending or have any questions, feel free to email Coach Kyle Gwinn at gregory.gwinn@k12.wv.us.