All-Time List Updates

This fall, RunWV Dave came out of retirement to work on a project: Updating the All-Time Lists to break out Class A from Class AA, and other general cleanup. He's literally done a couple hundred hours of digging in the internet. He didn't find everything that he was looking for, but he found a lot.

Here is mainly what we are missing:
1978 Trials for 220, 180, 4x100 and SH
1983/1984 All Trials
1987 4x100 AA Girls Trials
1991 AAA boys SH Trials, AA Boxy 4x200 and SH Trials
1998 300H Boys AAA Finals and AA Girls SH Finals

For a few of those, there was a record at the time, so those marks are in place, but generally, we are missing those times, and in some cases, names of athletes.

There might be some other girls trials missing from the early years in the 1970s, but he didn’t find evidence of them anywhere other than one record listed from a trials event.

State Meet record keeping was a little inconsistent. In some cases, they added .24 seconds to a hand time to come up with a record (Becky Summers listed as 12.34 for a 12.1), but in other cases they did not do that and certainly did not do that for longer events.

The Charleston paper through 1977 helped cover most relay names. Then from 1978 to 2002, we have some gaps.

The updates for the Boys Lists have now been updated as well.

Some schools bounced back and forth between Class A and Class AA (Doddridge, St. Marys, and Williamstown spring to mind). We think we have everyone in the right place for the right years, but if you see something please let us know.

If you can supply missing first names or relay members or other missing data, please send it along. Please make sure you are specific with year and event.