2021 PikeView Invitational


Where:  PikeView High School


When:  April 23rd, 2021 (Friday)


Time:  Scratch Meeting at 4:15, Field Events at 4:30, Running Events at 5


Entries:  3 Per Event, 1 Relay Team. (May enter B teams as well)


Entry Fee: $50.00 per team or $85.00 for boy/girl team.  The fee for a B team is $15.00. 


Awards:  1st Place team trophy boys/girls

                2nd Place team trophy boys/girls

                High Point trophy boys/girls

                Ribbons 1st thru 6th place


     -Due to Covid and possible cancellations etc, we will be ordering and mailing awards following the event so that it limits extra interactions and so that we purchase what we need and will use.


-Coaches please be willing to help with the meet.


-Any questions, please contact Nikki Christian at Nikki.L.Christian@wv.gov   


We are planning to limit this to a maximum of a 10-team meet.   This number may change due to COVID guidelines that may be changed in the future. We wish all teams a great and healthy season.