Dear Coach,


This is your invitation to bring your boys and girls track team to University of Charleston Stadium on Monday, April 16th, 2018 for the Warren Coon Invitational.  All coaches must have “scratches” completed by 4:50p.m.  All events will begin at 5:00 p.m. All meet entries will be setup using the Hy-tek Database computer system.

1.        Coaches may enter up to (3) high school athletes per event.


3.      You may substitute for scratches prior the beginning of the meet.

Dinner will be provided for all coaches. (NO ATHLETES!)

All Laidley Field and WVSSAC rules will be in effect, including the size of spikes. (1/4 inch)


            Individual Awards: 1st– 6th place Ribbons

            Team: 1st and 2nd

            High Point: Men and Women

Entry Deadline:                     April 13th, 2017


Entry Fees:                $75 per team (boys or girls)

                                    $100 for both boys and girls teams

                                    10 or Less on a team is $50.00


Please make checks payable to Sherman High School.  Mail checks to: Sherman High School, Attn: Rickey D. Saunders II., PO Box AB Seth, WV 25181


Email your Hy-tek entry file to Rickey D. Saunders II at


Please notify me, Rickey D. Saunders II, as soon as possible regarding your wish to attend this meet.


If you have any questions, please contact me at work: (304) 837-3301, at home: (304) 837-4025 (Between 6pm and 9pm).


Have a great season,

Rickey D. Saunders II

Sherman High School Boys & Girls Track


Subject:                                   Warren Coon Invitational


Date:                           Monday, April 16th, 2018


Location:                     University of Charleston Stadium, Laidley Field, Charleston, WV


Entries:                        You may enter three athletes per event.  Coaches will be allowed to scratch and add prior to the beginning of the meet.  Hy-tek Team lite entry files will be posted on at a later time.  Email your Hy-tek team lite entry file to Rickey D. Saunders II at


Entry Deadline:                       April 13th, 2017


Seating:                       All teams must be in the South Stands.  The North Stands (interstate side) will be closed.


Time Schedule:           The events will follow the enclosed schedule of events.  The meet will progress as events are finished.  Each athlete should follow the progress of the meet and be ready for his/her event.  The order of events will follow the “One Session” format listed in the Interscholastic.


Scratches:                    Email your scratches/adds to Rickey D. Saunders II at prior to 4:50 p.m. on meet day.


Track Equipment:        Throwing implements will not be provided.  You can use your own starting blocks.  Shoe spikes ¼ only.


Running Info:             Distance races – 8 alleys.  We will seed 1-8 just like a sprint race and then put 9 with 8, 10 with 7, etc.  The 4x400 m relay will be run on a three-turn stagger. The 800m, 1600m, 3200m, and 4x800 m relay will be run on a one turn stagger.


Pole Vault:                  Coaches are required to process the form with all the required signatures.  Submit a copy to the Athletic Director, and give a copy to the event judge.


Restricted Areas:        No coaches or support personnel are permitted inside these areas without the permission of the Referee.



Warren Coon Invitational

April 16th, 2018

Event Schedule


Running Events Timed Finals


5:00 pm                       4x800m Relay (G)

5:05 pm                       4x800m Relay (B)

5:20 pm                       100m HH 33” (G)

5:30 pm                       110m HH 39” (B)

5:40 pm                       100m Dash (G)

5:50 pm                       100m Dash (B)

6:00 pm                       4x200m Relay (G)

6:10 pm                       4x200m Relay (B)

6:20 pm                       1600m Run (G)

6:30 pm                       1600m Run (B)

6:40 pm                       400m Dash (G)

6:50 pm                       400m Dash (B)


                                    Break (30 minutes)



7:20 pm                       300m LH 30” (G)

7:30 pm                       300m IH 36” (B)

7:40 pm                       4x100m Relay (G)

7:50 pm                       4x100m Relay (B)

8:00 pm                       800m Run (G)

8:10 pm                       800m Run (B)

8:20 pm                       200m Dash (G)

8:30 pm                       200m Dash (B)

8:40 pm                       3200m Run (G)

8:55 pm                       3200m Run (B)

9:15 pm                       Shuttle Hurdle Relay (G)

9:25 pm                       Shuttle Hurdle Relay (B)

9:35 pm                       4x400m Relay (G)

9:45 pm                       4x400m Relay (B)

9:55 pm                       AWARDS


Field Events


5:00pm                        Girls Shot Put, Boys Discus, Girls High Jump, Boys Long Jump, Girls Pole Vault. All others will start as the previous event is completed.


This is a rolling event schedule.  Times are listed only as a guidelines.