2017 Major Meet Schedule

August 19
Autumn Classic, St. Marys (HS, MS, Open)
Lincoln County Invitational, Lincoln HS - Hamlin (HS, MS)

August 23
Cougar Kickoff, Sam Michels Park - Jefferson (HS)

August 24
Boyd County Early Season Showcase, Boyd County HS KY (HS, MS, ES)

August 25
Knight Night Relays, Preston (MS)

August 26
Charles Pointe - Indian Run Invitational, Bridgeport (HS, MS)
Chick-Fil-A Beckley Invitational, Pinecrest Industrial Park - Beckley (HS, MS)
Elizabeth S. Broughton Invitational, Marietta OH (HS, MS)
Huntington Mountaintop Invitational, Huntington (HS, MS)
Knight Night Relays, Preston (HS)
Ripley Covered Bridge Invitational, Ripley (HS, MS, ES Open)

August 29
Westside Invitational, Westside HS (HS, MS, ES)

August 31
University MS Invitational, University HS (MS)

September 2
Barbour County Skirmish, Philip Barbour HS (HS, MS, College)
Interstate Classic, Clear Spring MD (HS, MS)
Judges Classic, Winchester VA (HS)
Martins Ferry Rider Run, Martins Ferry OH (HS)
Marty Uher Invitational, California PA (HS)
Northampton Invitational, Northampton PA (HS)
St. Mary's Medical Center XC Festival, Cabell Midland (HS, MS)

September 5
Gallia Academy Coaches Corner Invitational, Gallia Academy HS - Gallipolis OH (HS, MS, ES)
Tyler Consolidated Stormin' the Castle Invitational, Tyler Consolidated (HS, MS)
Woodward Invitational, Bethesda MD (HS)

September 6
Oak Hill County Shop Invitational, Oak Hill (HS, MS)
Taylor County MS Invitational, West Taylor Elementary School (MS)

September 8
Harry Groves Spiked Shoe Invitational, State College PA (HS)

September 9
Bluegrass Invitational, Lexington KY (HS)
Chick-Fil-A Invitational, Wood County 4-H Grounds - Mineral Wells (HS, MS, ES)
Clay County Buffalo Creek Invitational, Dundon Field - Clay (HS, MS)
Fairland Dragons' Run by the River, Fairland HS - Proctorville OH (HS, MS, ES)
Forest Festival Invitational, Davis & Elkins Athletic Fields - Elkins (HS)
Knights Crossing, Cave Spring VA (HS)
Red, White & Blue Invitational, Pittsburgh PA (HS)

September 12
Big Ditch Lake Invitational, Big Ditch Lake - Cowen (HS, MS)
Doddridge Invitational, Doddridge County Park (HS, MS)
Mountain Ridge Invitational, Moutain Ridge MD (HS)
Tomcat Invitational, Ashland KY (HS, MS, ES)

September 13
Bryan Fritz Memorial Invitational, Brooke (HS)

September 16
Adidas XC Challenge, Apex NC (HS)
Ben Bloser Bulldog Invitational, Newville PA (HS)
Berkeley Springs Invitational, Warm Springs MS - Berkeley Springs (HS)
Boardman Spartan Invitational, Youngstown OH (HS)
Elkins MS Invitational, Elkins (MS)
Frankfort Invitational, Frankfort (HS)
Hurricane MS Invitational, Hurricane (MS)
Liberty Raleigh Invitational, Lake Stephens - Surveyor WV (HS, MS, ES)
Magnolia Mudhole Invitational, New Martinsville (HS, MS)
Milford Invitational, Milford OH (HS)
Oatlands Invitational, Leesburg VA (HS)
Trinity Calvary Invitational, Louisville KY (HS)
Wheeling Park Fall Classic, Wheeling Park (HS, MS)

September 19
Broadford Invitational, Oakland MD (HS)
Buccaneer Invitational, Buckhannon-Upshur (HS)
MOV Challenge, Wood County 4-H Grounds - Mineral Wells (HS, MS)
TAG You're It MS Invitational, Trinity Assembly of God - Fairmont (MS)

September 20
Maroon Tide Invitational, Galax VA (HS)

September 22
Run in the Valley, Middletown MD (HS)

September 23
A.J. Everhart Invitational, Uniontown PA (HS)
Bearcat Invitational, Grafton (HS, MS)
Bob Reall Lancaster Invitational, Lancaster OH (HS)
Boyd County Invitational, Boyd County HS (HS, MS, ES)
John Marshall Invitational, Grand Vue Park - Moundsville (HS, MS)
Mountaintop Combo, Preston (HS, MS, ES)
Ravenswood MS Invitational, Ravenswood HS (MS)
Rio Grande Invitational, Rio Grande OH (HS, MS)
Spartan Invitational, Greenbrier East
Wendy's PikeView Invitational, PikeView (HS, MS)

September 26
Calhoun Invitational, Calhoun County Park (HS, MS)
Progressive Physical Therapy Invitational, Allegany College of MD - Cumberland MD (HS)
White Day Invitational, White Day Golf Course - Fairmont (HS)

September 27
Buckhannon-Upshur MS Invitational, Buckhannon-Upshur (MS)
George Washington MS Invitational, Meadowood Park - Tornado (MS)
Pleasants County Race into Fall MS Invitational, St. Marys HS (MS)

September 28
George Washington Invitational, Meadowood Park - Tornado (HS)

September 29
Paul Short Run, Lehigh University - Bethlehem, PA (HS)

September 30
Braxton Invitational, Holly Gray State Park - Sutton (HS, MS)
Carlisle Invitational, Carlisle PA (HS)
Independence Invitational, Pinecrest Industrial Park - Beckley (HS, MS)
Octoberfest Invitational, Manassas VA (HS)
Panther Invitational, Pickerington North OH (HS, MS)
Ritchie Invitational, North Bend State Park - Harrisville (HS, MS)
Times West Virginia Invitational, Apple Valley Golf Course - Fairmont (HS, MS)
Wildcat Invitational, Williamsport MD (HS)

October 3
Chick-Fil-A of Princeton, Princeton Park - Princeton (HS, MS)
Down in the Backwoods Belington MS Invitational, Barbour County Fairgrounds (MS)
Harrison County Championships, Robert C. Byrd (HS)
Wood County MS Championships, Wood County 4-H Grounds - Mineral Wells (MS)

October 4
Berkeley County Championships, Poor House Farm Park (HS)
Down on the Farm MS Invitational, South Preston MS (MS)

October 5
AMAC Championships, Allegany MD (HS)
Capital Invitational, Camp Virgil Tate (HS, MS)
LKC MS Championships, Wood County 4-H Grounds - Mineral Wells (MS)

October 7
Almost Heaven Cross Country Festival, Bible Center Church - Charleston (HS, MS, Open)
Battle Run Invitational, Summersville (HS, MS)
Buffalo Wild Wings Stampede, Hampshire HS (HS, Open)
Don Stoner Invitational, Smithsburg MD (HS)
Gettysburg Invitational, Gettysburg PA (HS)
Great American Cross Country Festival, Apex NC (HS0
Mountaineer MS (Harrison) Invitational, Mountaineer MS (MS)
OVAC Championships, Meadowbrook OH (HS)
PikeView/Concord Invitational, Pipestem State Park - Pipestem WV (HS, MS)
Wendy's Invitational, Charlotte NC (HS)
Wirt County Wetlands Invitational, Wirt (HS, MS)

October 10
Ashland Invitational, Ashland KY (HS, MS, ES)
Coalfield Conference Championships, Twin Falls State Park (HS)
Doddridge County MS Invitational, Doddridge County Park (MS)
PVC Championships, Warm Springs MS - Berkeley Springs (HS)
TRAC Championships, Grand Vue Park - Moundsville (HS)

October 11
MSAC Championships, Cedar Lakes - Ripley (HS)

October 12
Big Ten Championships, White Day Golf Course - East Fairmont (HS)
MVAC MS Championships, Hurricane (MS)
EPAC Championships, Spring Mills (HS)
LKC Championships, Big Ditch Lake - Cowen (HS)

October 14
CWVAC MS Championships, Ravenswood (MS)
Ohio County MS Championships, Wheeling Park (MS)
Third Battle, Winchester VA (HS)
Washington Irving MVB Last Call MS Invitational, Robert C. Byrd HS (MS, Open)
Wild and Wet Invitational, Cameron (HS, MS)

October 19
Region I - Class A-AA, Warm Springs MS - Berkeley Springs (HS)
Region II - Class A-AA, Davis & Elkins Athletic Fields - Elkins (HS)
Region III - Class A-AA, Westside (HS)
Region IV - Class A-AA, Wood County 4-H Grounds - Mineral Wells (HS)
Region I - Class AAA, Preston (HS)
Region II - Class AAA, Hampshire (HS)
Region III - Class AAA, Pinecrest Industrial Park - Beckley (HS)
Region IV - Class AAA, Wood County 4-H Grounds - Mineral Wells (HS)

October 28
State Meet, Cabell Midland (HS)